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  • Easy to tune, with a smooth idle, seamless acceleration, excellent power and first rate reliability, Xspurt Injectors can be made to fit any top feed application, while plug and play wiring is available for most cars.

    Xspurt is a Melbourne based, Australian brand which was established in 2010 by Injectors Online. The range of Xspurt injectors continues to grow, with base injector components being sourced from Bosch, an industry leader in providing quality components. Sizes range from 300cc to 1550cc, ensuring we have the solution for you and with a 3 year warranty on all Xspurt Injectors, you can rest assured knowing we stand by our products. Visit our Contact Us page to find out how to get in touch!

Our Products

Xspurt Injectors are the latest in petrol fuel injection technology for performance applications.

  • Made with large range of sizes from 300cc/min to 1550cc/min, they can operate from 3 bar pressure up to 8 bar pressure.

    The real beauty of Xspurt Injectors is that you can still get great tuning results at low pulse widths which means you get an idle like it was meant to be from the factory. From there, acceleration is very smooth all the way to the top end where you will really feel the power you are looking for.

    Xspurt Injectors are so reliable that we give them a 3 year warranty. If your injector fails in the first 3 years of purchase we will just replace it*.

    No matter what vehicle they are for we can make them fit.

    *if the injector fails from misuse or external factors that are not the fault of the injector then there is no warranty

    Sizes Available

    • 300cc
    • 350cc
    • 525cc
    • 650cc
    • 725cc
    • 1000cc
    • 1550cc
  • Three different lengths

    Most Xspurts come in three different lengths. They are measured from the middle of the top o-ring to the middle of the bottom o-ring.

    Small (40mm)
    Medium (55mm)
    Large (65mm)
  • 11mm or 14mm top o-ring

    They can all have an 11mm or 14mm top o-ring

    11mm o-ring
    14mm o-ring
  • Height extensions

    They can be fitted with height extension to make them fit any application



  • Wiring adaptors

    We can use wiring adaptors to make them fit any type of wiring harness.

    Bosch to USCAR
    USCAR to Bosch
    USCAR to Denso


Select the right injector for your car.

Please note: The following considerations should be taken into account when using these sizing charts: horsepower is at the engine (you lose roughly 30 percent if calculating from the wheels); injector duty cycle is 80 percent; and fuel pressure is 43.5 psi (3 bar).

Step 2: Check the common applications

MakeModelCylinderInjector Size
Ford FalconEA-EF ; BA-BF6525cc
Ford FalconEA-EF ; BA-BF6650cc
Ford FalconEA-EF ; BA-BF6725cc
Ford FalconEA-EF ; BA-BF61000cc
Ford FalconEA-EF ; BA-BF61550cc
Ford FalconFG (including turbo)6525cc
Ford FalconFG (including turbo)6725cc
Ford FalconFG (including turbo)61000cc
Ford FalconFG (including turbo)61550cc
Ford FalconBA-BF8525cc
Ford FalconBA-BF8650cc
Ford FalconBA-BF8725cc
Ford FalconBA-BF81000cc
Ford FalconBA-BF81550cc
Holden CommodoreVN-VX6525cc
Holden CommodoreVN-VX6650cc
Holden CommodoreVN-VX6725cc
Holden CommodoreVN-VX61000cc
Holden CommodoreVN-VX61550cc
Holden Commodore5.0lt8525cc
Holden Commodore5.0lt8650cc
Holden Commodore5.0lt8725cc
Holden Commodore5.0lt81000cc
Holden Commodore5.0lt81550cc
Holden Commodore5.7lt8525cc
Holden Commodore5.7lt8650cc
Holden Commodore5.7lt8725cc
Holden Commodore5.7lt81000cc
Holden Commodore5.7lt81550cc
Holden Commodore6.0lt8525cc
Holden Commodore6.0lt8725cc
Holden Commodore6.0lt81000cc
Holden Commodore6.0lt81550cc
HSV6.0lt / 6.2lt8525cc
HSV6.0lt / 6.2lt8725cc
HSV6.0lt / 6.2lt81000cc
HSV6.0lt / 6.2lt81550cc
Mitsubishi LancerEVO I - IX4525cc
Mitsubishi LancerEVO I - IX4650cc
Mitsubishi LancerEVO I - IX4725cc
Mitsubishi LancerEVO I - IX41000cc
Mitsubishi LancerEVO I - IX41550cc
Nissan SkylineRB25 Neo6525cc
Nissan SkylineRB25 Neo6725cc
Nissan SkylineRB25 Neo61000cc
Nissan SkylineRB25 Neo61550cc
Nissan SkylineRB266525cc
Nissan SkylineRB266650cc
Nissan SkylineRB266725cc
Nissan SkylineRB2661000cc
Nissan SkylineRB2661550cc
Subaru ImprezzaWRX (02 - 15)4525cc
Subaru ImprezzaWRX (02 - 15)4725cc
Subaru ImprezzaWRX (02 - 15)41000cc
Subaru ImprezzaWRX (02 - 15)41550cc

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